soundclod: Girlllll what song did you sample on Rollin' Up?? It's been stuck in my head liiiike

it’s a Duran Duran song called say a prayer

April 15 2014 21:59with 9 notes
unicornponymiss: I love your vibe it's so beautiful and different, ever since I heard Por Vida I don't wanna listen to anything else because No other songs can compare! Do u think you would ever do a song with Tyler, the creator it would be so rad!?

thank u, we done songs together already they just arenโ€™t out yet

April 14 2014 13:04with 7 notes
danielisimo: I love you! What's the name of the song that says: "you're just like a drug and i'll be your Pablo Escobar".

it’s called pablo escobar xx

April 11 2014 20:36with 6 notes
Anonymous: Play paid dues!!! Gimme a better reason to roll through hehehe.

soon, vry soon ..

April 10 2014 23:00
jauai: Kali sos genial, imposible no escucharte. Besos argentinos

gracias holmes xx

April 10 2014 23:00
marykateandtrashley: I loooooove everything you're bout! Your style, your voice, your creativity in general, and especially your videos. I prolly have you 1000 views on each :> Hope I get to see you live one day!

thank you! I hope you do too ๐ŸŒˆ

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