Jul 31 1:15with 117 notes
Anonymous: Did you design the "KALI UCHIS" letters on your website/tumblr and the letters on your recent "Por Vida" and "Real" art?

yeah i make all my own art

July 30 2014 11:26with 8 notes
Anonymous: did u sample fleetwood mac's "little lies" on "rollin up" sounds jus stuck in my head sound too good.

no it’s Duran Duran “say a prayer”

July 27 2014 18:24with 3 notes
mayrarox: I keep listening to you non stop and spreading the word. You are genuinely a fresh of breath air. You have such a unique style, mentality and vision. I feel proud looking up to a fellow latina female artist who does everything on her own. Your confidence and real ness is amazing. Who are some of the women that have inspired you?

thank you. erykah badu, Lauryn hill, amy winehouse & frida kahlo are some women who inspired me

July 27 2014 9:38with 16 notes
Anonymous: So we can expect Por Vida in 2016?

u can expect it before the summer ends, 2014 

July 26 2014 19:26with 27 notes
lalothecoolcat: at the ic2 premiere i saw u in a clip and i hella got happy i appreciate ur work and music thanks for doing what u do

thank u for appreciating it

July 26 2014 19:26with 5 notes
ifloatuponcloudsonmysparetime: I just hope Por Vida comes out before I start school so I can make cool summer short videos with it playing in the background. I feel like this will be my summer album! Can't wait

it will 💕💕💕

July 26 2014 19:25with 9 notes
Anonymous: How did I come up with the name kali uchis

it’s a pet name from my childhood my dad gave me

July 26 2014 19:24with 3 notes
Anonymous: You're are really beautiful

thank u🌻

July 26 2014 19:24with 1 note
Anonymous: have u ever been called ugly?

ugly, scary looking, weird, all the time

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